Scientific links

Genetics and epidemiology

The ALSoD database, curated by the Institute of Psychiatry of the King's College London, and the ALS mutation database, curated by the University of Tokyo, are online mutation databases designed to provide up-to-date information on causative ALS genes.

The AD&FTD Mutation Database, curated by the VIB Department of Molecular Genetics of the University of Antwerp, provides up-to-date information on causative genes for Alzheimer’s disease as well as frontotemporal dementia.

The ALSGEN consortium aims to decipher the underlying genetic architecture of ALS in international collaborative efforts.

The ALS Consortium of Epidemiologic Studies (ACES) provides resources for scientists who are carrying out research (or planning future research) to identify environmental, lifestyle and genetic determinants of ALS.

Data and/or biobank repositories

The NINDS Repository MND collection provides biomaterials from patients with ALS and related diseases as well as from healthy controls.

The Northeast ALS Consortium has built a biorepository of fluid samples from ALS patients and healthy controls available to researchers interested in studying the disease progression and potential biomarkers for ALS and motor neuron disease.

NCBI's database of Genotypes and Penotypes (dbGaP) provides access to publicly available genome-wide data including those generated in ALS studies, e.g. in genome-wide association studies.

Research forums

The ALS Forum is a web-based collaborative effort to bring together valuable ALS-related resources for use by researchers worldwide in both academia and industry-based settings.

The ALS Association provides summaries of different ALS research areas, highlights scientific news and provides an overview of upcoming meetings and grant opportunities.

The Alzforum is a dynamic web-based scientific portal dedicated to understanding Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.